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The V Family.

In Doan’s culture, she is housebound for one whole month after giving birth. Not only is she housebound but barely able to lift a finger. Sounds nice and like just what a lot of us Mums need, hey?!

She talked a lot about how she’s been enjoying the real quality time she’s been able to spend with her brand new baby boy.

I must admit, although I had a lot of help after having my kids, I was a teeny bit (a lot) jealous of Doan as she explained the details! Not because of the laziness in me! But more because of the bond that is created between herself and her baby in this oh so fleeting time.

It’s such a rush isn’t it? It feels like forever when you go through 9 months of pregnancy, even when it’s easy and a smooth ride. But once that little ball of love arrives into our world, it’s almost like a blink of an eye, or a click of the finger and years have passed! So to get this first month to really, really just soak it all in, oh man, what a privilege. On one hand it would honestly probably drive me crazy not being able to do anything, and more importantly, do it MY way, but looking back now at that first month of my children’s lives, it’s kind of a blur and that makes me so sad. Every moment spent with these little humans we chose to create, is a blessing. So even though the past might be a crazy, hazy blur, enjoy them now. Because now, will soon be the past.

Doan you have such a beautiful family and I really enjoyed watching you all together.

It’s so easy to see what a strong connection you share <3

v-family-documentary-photography-1-newborn -babyv-family-documentary-photography-2-mum-picking-up-newborn-babyv-family-documentary-photography-3-newborn-baby-on-changetablev-family-documentary-photography-4-mum-bathing-newborn-baby-in-bathroom-sinkv-family-documentary-photography-5-newborn-baby-boy-and-big-brother-in-bathv-family-documentary-photography-6-newborn-baby-yawningv-family-documentary-photography-7-dad-dressing-newborn-babyv-family-documentary-photography-8-boy-looking-at-self-in-mirrorv-family-documentary-photography-9-mum-drying-sons-hairv-family-documentary-photography-10-dad-with-newborn-and-cribv-family-documentary-photography-11-mum-dad-newborn-babyv-family-documentary-photography-12-mum-breastfeeding-newborn-on-bedv-family-documentary-photography-13-breastfeeding-mother-and-babyv-family-documentary-photography-14-father-and-grandmother-dressing-newborn-babyv-family-documentary-photography-15-father-and-son-play-soccer-in-drivewayv-family-documentary-photography-16-mum-protects-son-while-climbing-fencev-family-documentary-photography-17-mum-holds-newborn-in-hugabub-swaddlev-family-documentary-photography-18-mum-swaddles-newborn-in-hugabub-wrapv-family-documentary-photography-20-mother-with-newborn-babyv-family-documentary-photography-21-mother-withsons

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