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The A Family

I first met Asla when she invited me to present some of my work to her Mothers group almost 2 years ago. Ever since, she has been following my work and has said the most amazing things about it. So now with baby number 2 entering the world, she couldn’t help but have this time documented. What a gorgeous little family they are.

Asla tried to warn me about her son. She told me he is so active and can never stay still, always on the go.

Isn’t that what all toddlers are like???

It’s definitely a struggle to keep them still most of the time, and I’m sure a lot of parents can agree to that, so why bother trying to confine them? This is my favourite age. My daughter is a little older and she is my muse. They are fun, inquisitive and such curious little creatures.

I won’t lie, I was half expecting a crazy, wild, toy thrower that can’t be tamed, but Mr S was perfect. He had just the right amount of oomph while adding a little bit of calm in the mix just at the right moments. He loved up on his baby sister when he needed too but moved on to whatever he was off to next when he was ready.

We started with breakfast while watching some kids shows and then just had a whole heap of fun around the house while Daddy has been home in the first few weeks of baby A’s life <3



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