mason family – melbourne family documentary photography

I had only known Jess for a little while when she asked me about my sessions. We ‘met’ online in a photography group and it’s kind of crazy how similar we are in so many ways. It was so nerve wracking to have another photographer inquire about my sessions, let alone one who is also a friend and whose art I do so admire!

I am so grateful for having made such friendships as this. This session was the first time we had met in person. I didn’t only meet Jess but her whole family was there! The session took place at her parents home in Nagambie and it was so so beautiful. Walking out the back door to an almost never ending view of the lake was so serene. My initial thought was that it will be quite a difficult task to document her with her extended family. It actual turned out to be quite the opposite. It’s still, probably my favourite session to date. Everyone was so relaxed and at ease with me being there, creeping around in the background and right up in their faces. I kind of blended in, not so much as a fly on the wall, but as part of their family. It was a special session for Jess as this home has been in their family for quite some time and her family spends a lot of time there which adds a bit extra sentimental value.

This is the story of their usual morning as a whole family when they all get together.


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